17: Three Simple Steps to Attract Your Ideal Customer with Kendra McLelland

In this episode, host Jack Marino Jr. speaks with marketing expert Kendra McLelland, CEO of Blah Blah Media, about three simple steps that will help you attract your ideal customer. This episode will help you think about how to tell the right story about your business that addresses the real problems your customers are facing.

16: Why Business Owners Should Have an Estate Plan with Artie Pennington

In this episode host, Jack Marino Jr. speaks with Artie Pennington, a business and estate planning attorney, about why business owners should have an estate plan. This episode will guide you through the essential things you need to know when creating an estate plan for your business as well as for your personal estate. You’ll also learn what happens to your assets if you do not have an estate plan in place.

14: The Four Keys to Successful Commercial Real Estate Investing with Ethan Offenbecher

In this episode host, Jack Marino Jr. speaks with Ethan Offenbecher of Marcus & Millichap. Ethan shares the four keys to successful real estate investing, the top mistakes investors make when investing in real estate, and the questions you should ask when hiring a broker.

13: How to Grow a Business Through Networking and Short-Term Loans with Artie Berne

In this episode, host Jack Marino Jr. speaks with Artie Berne of ArTex Funding. Artie discusses how he became involved in the alternative lending world and how becoming a super-connector helped him exponentially grow his business. He also explains how listeners can use short-term loans from alternative lenders to grow their business when turned down by the banks.

11: How Business Owners Should Hire to Obtain Top Talent in Today’s Competitive Job Market with Phil Reeve

In this episode, host Jack Marino Jr. speaks with Phil Reeve, the head recruiter at Reeve Associates in Austin, Texas. Phil discusses his entrepreneurial journey and what makes his company different from other recruiting solutions in the marketplace. He discusses common mistakes made by business owners during the hiring process and what changes they should make to yield a better result. Phil also explains how listeners can better use social media to find top talent and what they can do to get more offers accepted by their ideal candidates.

10: How Hiring the Right Tax Professional Can Help Businesses Thrive with Carlie Bittel

In this episode host, Jack Marino Jr. speaks with Carlie Bittel, CPA, and Founder of Bittel Books and Taxes. Carlie discusses the steps she took when transitioning from employee to business owner when creating her accounting firm. She provides valuable guidance for listeners looking to become entrepreneurs. Carlie is, by definition, an industry disrupter. She is turning the traditional public accounting model on its head by providing not only superior accounting services and proactive tax planning.