22: What’s Up with the Stock Market?

Lake Hills Wealth Management Founders Jack Marino Jr. & Jason Clevlen provide listeners with an update on the financial markets along with a financial planning strategy for proactive tax planning.

How COVID-19 Has Affected the Mortgage Market with Eddie Fooshang

In this episode, host Jack Marino Jr. speaks with Eddie Fooshang of The Eddie Fooshang Team about how COVID-19 has affected the mortgage market. Eddie and his team passionately educate clients on the home buying process and assist them with securing the right mortgage to make their homeownership dream come true. This episode will help you assess your opportunities in the current mortgage market.

How to Grow Your Business Using LinkedIn with Ted Prodromou

In this episode, host Jack Marino Jr. speaks with LinkedIn coach, business consultant, and speaker Ted Prodromou about how to grow your business using LinkedIn. This episode will help motivate you to commit to lifelong learning, to nurture your network, and to focus on building relationships when communicating with people online.

19: How to Create a Successful Mindset During Turbulent Times with Maegan Aleece

In this episode host, Jack Marino Jr. speaks with mindset therapist Maegan Aleece about three simple things you can do to create a successful mindset during turbulent times. This episode will help you think about how your beliefs shape your behavior, how you can change those beliefs, and how to keep your edge even when life gets stressful.

18: What a Recession Means for You and Your Money with Jason Clevlen

In this episode, host Jack Marino Jr. and Jason Clevlen discuss what a recession is and what it means for your money. They provide the top ten financial considerations you should make during a downturn, including what to do with your investment portfolio in these uncertain times. Learn ways to stay educated and positive as you make critical financial decisions.

17: Three Simple Steps to Attract Your Ideal Customer with Kendra McLelland

In this episode, host Jack Marino Jr. speaks with marketing expert Kendra McLelland, CEO of Blah Blah Media, about three simple steps that will help you attract your ideal customer. This episode will help you think about how to tell the right story about your business that addresses the real problems your customers are facing.