19: How to Create a Successful Mindset During Turbulent Times with Maegan Aleece


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“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

-George Bernard Shaw


Level Up Everyday– Reach out to Maegan Aleece and learn more about rapid transformational therapy. 

Becoming Supernatural by Joe Dispenza — Maegan Aleece recommends this book for learning more about the benefits of meditation, movement, incantations, and more.

The Calm App, Insight Timer, and Headspace — Maegan Aleece recommends these apps if you want to get started with regular meditation. 

Key Takeaways 

1) Science now shows that we spend most of our day in our subconscious mind. We can feed our subconscious mind with positive beliefs.

2) Take control of your focus and ask yourself how you want to feel. 

3) Meditation, movement, and incantations are all methods you can employ to start feeling how you want to feel. 

Show Notes

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[2:09] – What is a rapid transformational therapist and how does Maegan help her clients?

  • She focuses on the subconscious mind.
  • If your conscious thoughts don’t match your subconscious programming, your subconscious will take over.
  • Hypnosis is a gateway to the subconscious mind.
  • You can feed your subconscious mind with positive beliefs.

[11:20]  Self-growth is a life-long endeavor.

  • Maegan says that once you go through this with a guide, you can start to recognize when you’re encountering limiting beliefs and coach yourself.

[13:20]  How can listeners maintain a success mindset during turbulent times?

  • Take control of where you’re putting your focus. Ask yourself what you want to feel.
  • There are three things that you can do to help you get closer to how you want to feel.
  • The first thing you can do that will help is meditation.

[18:12]  When does Maegan recommend meditating and for how long?

  • In the morning or right before you go to bed.
  • It’s also smart to turn on a five-minute meditation if you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

[19:18]  What are some resources Maegan recommends for guided meditation?

[21:26]  Maegan’s second suggestion for helping people feel better.

  • Movement is important.
  • Move your emotions around your body.
  • It doesn’t have to be an hour long. Five minutes will be helpful.
  • Get in motion. It doesn’t take long to change your state.

[23:53]  When does Maegan move throughout the day?

  • She gets up every thirty minutes.
  • She also does yoga and high-intensity exercise every day.
  • Exercising first thing in the morning is the most effective time.

[25:58]  Does stress affect the immune system?

  • If you’re stressed and anxious all day, you are affecting your body.

[27:06]  What is Maegan’s third suggestion for helping people get into the right mindset?

  • Incantations, which are statements of what you want to believe and how you want to feel.
  • This is how you can start to wire your own subconscious mind.
  • You are owning these statements as you say them.
  • Take your phone, use a voice recorder, and recite your own incantations and then replay them.

[31:51]  What is the biggest mistake people make from a psychological standpoint?

  • Your past doesn’t define you. Own your present. Your future is exactly what you want to make it.

[34:12]  Learn the best way to reach Maegan.

[35:32]  What does Maegan do to keep her edge?

  • She spends an hour listening to podcasts, reading, or researching every day. She always has movement in her day.

[36:35]  Who has been the most impactful person in her life so far?

  • Her parents, her mentors, various thinkers and trailblazers in the self-care space.

[37:26]  What is one resource she recommends?

[38:12]  What does Maegan do in her free time?

  • She is a social butterfly, a sun chaser, and enjoys journaling.

[39:25]  What does financial freedom mean to Maegan?

  • An overflow of abundance in her savings account, in her investments, and peace.

[39:50]  How does Maegan Aleece want to be remembered?

  • She wants to be remembered as someone who brought a lot of light, inspiration, and education into the world.

[40:19] – What’s one final tip Maegan would give listeners?

  • Your focus is so important. Focus on yourself instead of what other people may say.

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