17: Three Simple Steps to Attract Your Ideal Customer with Kendra McLelland


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Show Quote

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

-Simon Sinek


Blah Blah Media– Reach out to Kendra McLelland through the contact page for her full-service marketing agency based in Austin, Texas. 

The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan— Kendra McLelland recommends this book for helping professionals focus on just one important thing.

Key Takeaways 

1) Many businesses tell stories that don’t matter to their customers. Make sure you are telling a powerful story that will be meaningful to them. 

2) Align your brand. Brand alignment builds trust.

3) Have a purpose in everything you do. Do not engage in marketing for the sake of marketing. 

Show Notes

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[2:17] – How did Kendra get into marketing? Why did she choose marketing?

  • Her love of storytelling brought her to marketing.
  • It’s always been something she has loved and had a passion for.

[3:54]  What makes her agency different and what services does she offer for business owners?

  • They will help you cut the blah in your storytelling and tell the story that the customer needs to hear.
  • They are a full-service marketing agency.

[5:56]  How does Blah Blah differ from other agencies?

  • Their competitive advantage is that they provide each client with one-on-one consulting.

[7:43]  Do they work on an hourly basis? How is compensation structured?

  • They provide consultation completely free.
  • Your proposal is based on what you are receiving, such as how many social media graphics you get or how many pages on your website you want.

[10:56]  What are some of the common mistakes she sees business owners make in marketing?

  • People sometimes market for marketing’s sake without having a defined purpose.
  • People often tell stories that don’t really matter to the client.
  • Always make it about your customers. It isn’t about you.

[14:12]  What does her ideal client look like? 

  • An ideal client is someone who has a super meaningful story that they are trying to get across but doesn’t know how to do it.

[15:24]  Is there a revenue minimum or can it be a startup?

  • They work with startups all the way up to large companies. They tailor their services to help whoever they can.

[16:48]  What is the first step in Kendra’s three-step process that helps business owners attract their ideal client?

  • The first step is implementing the right storytelling.
  • Address the problem that the customer is facing.
  • What problem did you create your business for?
  • Give them an idea of what your product is and how it fixes their problem.
  • Tell them what they will feel once the problem is solved.

[21:32]  What is the second step?

  • Align your brand.
  • Your entire brand should match the story you’re telling.
  • Does your logo tell the same story as what you’re trying to get across?

[24:49]  What is the third step?

  • Have a purpose behind everything that you do.
  • Ask yourself if your efforts are matching your purpose.
  • Reasons come first.

[26:58]  Are these three principles important for a startup?

  • Absolutely. Blah Blah Media itself is in the startup phase.

[28:25]  How can listeners contact Kendra and Blah Blah Media?

[30:11]  What does Kendra do to keep her edge?

  • She goes to many networking events.
  • Look at what other people are doing and leverage relationships. Find a mentor.

[32:03]  Who has been the most impactful person in her life so far?

  • Her hardworking mother who encouraged her to follow her passion.

[33:06]  What is one resource she recommends?

[35:48]  What does financial freedom mean to Kendra?

  • Financial freedom means allowing yourself to have the finances to do what’s important to you.

[38:01]  How does Kendra McLelland want to be remembered?

  • She wants to be remembered as an authentic, genuine person and a good listener.

[39:18] – What’s one piece of advice Kendra would give entrepreneurs about marketing?

  • Go find a mentor or coach.

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