About Jack

Jack Marino Jr., Entrepreneur and Financial Wealth Advisor


“Profits to Wealth is a podcast hosted by and built for entrepreneurs.” – Jack Marino Jr. 

Over 25 years ago, I began my entrepreneurial journey. During that time, I successfully started and exited a handful of businesses. Just to be clear, my journey hasn’t come easy. But, there’s no challenge or growth in “easy”.
In 2003, I met my current business partner Jason Clevlen during our first day of orientation at American Express Financial Advisors. Soon after meeting, we somehow knew our partnership was divinely orchestrated and together, we’d do something great. Fast-forward to today, we own and operate Lake Hills Wealth Management, a fee-only wealth management firm helping clients with their financial planning and investment management needs.
We also own Profits to Wealth, which is more than just a podcast, it’s a Mastermind/Masterclass platform designed to help entrepreneurs like you, learn and grow together in a well-designed community.
We’ve learned a lot over the years and although we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished, this is just the beginning. Jason and I are life long learners who are passionate about helping others. Specifically, we choose to work with like-mind entrepreneurs who want to embark on the journey to business and wealth mastery.
As your host, I’ll be sharing my extensive, real-life experience as an entrepreneur and financial advisor, alongside other successful industry elites. Together, we will uncover the skills, tactics, and lessons learned from other high-performing entrepreneurs. As well as the experts who assist them in the pursuit of greatness. 
“My goal is to provide every listener with a community and a place to learn, thereby shortening the time it takes to reach true success.”
The Profits to Wealth Podcast gives you my personal best within each and every episode while continuing to improve myself along the way.
In return, if you’ll do your part and not only listen but put to action the applicable words of wisdom, I believe you’ll reap a mighty harvest.