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Profits to Wealth is a weekly podcast hosted by and built for entrepreneurs. Jack Marino Jr. discusses business, money, and freedom. He shares his extensive, real-life experience as an entrepreneur and financial advisor, alongside other successful industry elites. Together, you will uncover the skills, tactics, and lessons learned from other high-performing entrepreneurs.

As well as the experts who assist them in the pursuit of greatness.

Hi! I'm Jack
Marino Jr.

A passionate entrepreneur whose mission in life is helping other entrepreneurs grow their business and achieve financial freedom through business and wealth mastery.

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17: Three Simple Steps to Attract Your Ideal Customer with Kendra McLelland

In this episode, host Jack Marino Jr. speaks with marketing expert Kendra McLelland, CEO of Blah Blah Media, about three simple steps that will help you attract your ideal customer. This episode will help you think about how to tell the right story about your business that addresses the real problems your customers are facing.

16: Why Business Owners Should Have an Estate Plan with Artie Pennington

In this episode host, Jack Marino Jr. speaks with Artie Pennington, a business and estate planning attorney, about why business owners should have an estate plan. This episode will guide you through the essential things you need to know when creating an estate plan for your business as well as for your personal estate. You’ll also learn what happens to your assets if you do not have an estate plan in place.

15: How Business Owners Can Reduce Taxes While Saving for the Future with Jason Clevlen

In this episode, host Jack Marino Jr. speaks with Jason Clevlen about the key differences in two widely used retirement plans and how these plans can affect a business owner's income taxes, especially the new and complicated qualified business income deduction. Through their detailed case study, you will see how you can bring a forward-looking approach to your tax planning this tax season and in the years to come.

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